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With English being a world language now, it’s very important for everyone to have access to learning. English with Audrey offers affordable, personalised classes online with a native speaker.That means that as long as you have internet and the ability to video call, we can work together to improve and perfect your English. I offer classes in:

English for teenagers and adults
English for children and teenagers

And I will personalise the material in your classes to include whatever you need, including:

Business English
English culture
Every day language (idioms and “slang”)

I speak with an “RP” accent, which means I have a neutral English accent that is easy for you to copy and learn.

My lessons start at £9 per hour.

I enjoy travelling and I like to work in communities doing art projects and volunteer work.

After years working in the beauty industry, I decided to transfer my knowledge of nail art to bigger projects. Starting small, I applied the Japanese One-Stroke techniques I had learned to guitar picks at first. I was encouraged by the results and as interest in my projects grew, I have started canvases, leather painting and even full wall murals.

I love hunting for handmade items to paint, and support local artisans in Essaouira for as many of my art projects as possible. My guitar picks are hand carved ebony. The leather items you see are all handcrafted.

The clothes and shoes in the Gifts from Morocco page (coming soon!) are handmade by local women’s cooperatifs and all my profits from the gift items go back into local causes.

In the last year I have started helping to teach English to kids and adults online, and in Morocco as part of the English Street Class. I teach English as a Second Language online, and work on my crafts as a hobby.

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English Street Class - You can help!

The English Street Class in Essaouira, Morocco, is a Non-Profit initiative started by local teacher Mouhcine Camel. Mouhcine is looking to improve availability of language classes to locals. Our teachers are all volunteers, and we are always looking for donations and new people to come and help.

We’re currently raising funds for more chairs and whiteboards. Can you help?

Maybe you are visiting Morocco and can spare an hour of your time to help with the class?

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